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Corporate Mission

To allow our staff to improve themselves professionally and to have a good development platform;

To allow our customers to improve their living conditions; to allow our shareholders to maxmise their investment value.

Core Values

People-oriented, Integrity and Mutual Benefit

  • Hailiang Spirit

    Integrity, Respect, Vitality, Responsibility, Advancement, Tenacity

  • Integrity

    Integrity is the core and soul of Hailiang corporate culture, and is also the basic principle of Hailiang for selecting people and doing things.  Hailiang requires all staff to be honest and trustworthy, and always keep and fulfill their commitments anytime, anywhere.

  • Respect

    We advocate respect for others, respect for ourselves; respect for customers, respect for business partners, respect for staff; respect for land, respect for natural environments.  We not only respect, but also treasure.

  • Vitality

    The primary requirement of our team members is in line with Hailiang’s “Vitality Culture”, i.e. be pragmatic, integrity, honesty, selflessness, kindness, tolerance, optimism, helpfulness and simplification of human relations.

  • Responsibility

    We are a responsible enterprise, and we need responsible team members who are serious, dedicated, accountable, professional, disciplined and socially responsible.

  • Advancement

    We promote the culture for performance and create a learning organisation atmosphere; encourage staff to be proactive and improve their professional and management standards; work hard without perfunctory and pursue excellence, high efficiency and high quality as work requirements.

  • Tenacity

    Whether corporate or individual, we need to have a firm determination to get things done, an indomitable attitude, and a firm belief in victory; be not afraid of hardships, have a positive attitude to deal with complicated environments, and adhere to the principles and professional ethics.